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Hi! My nick is dacousb and I am a developer. I've worked on several projects, here it is a chart with some information about me.

Programming language / Paradigm Skills / Other information
Linux / Unix I have worked a lot with Linux. My skills include: general system management, knowledge of general commands and useful operating system utilities, ease of getting used to new Unix-like terminal applications and distributions, and experience with development environments. I've used and can recommend:
  • Void Linux
  • Linux Mint
  • BSDs
Python I've worked with Python at times. I have some experience with databases and web servers with Python, and a lot of experience with the programming language as such.
C C is something I really like. I have used it for low level development and usual terminal apps. Also, I have tinkered a little bit with game development with raylib.
Web development In general, I'm pretty good at it, however, I love pages that have a design similar to those of the 90's and 2000's, and that's why some of my designs can look very simple. I have experience with HTML, JS and CSS, as well as non-dynamic pages with Python and Node.js backend.
Rust I have designed small programs with Rust, some better than others. Anyway, I have experience with: small networking systems, interaction with the operating system and general design of terminal applications.

General interests:

  • High-level programming languages
  • Web development
  • C/Python/Rust Programming
  • English literature and
  • Learning Toki pona

For now, I want to get to university to study Computer Engineering!

Some of my projects are (no particular order):

  • (C Logo) sheesh (a work in progress Unix shell)
  • (C Logo) clarawm (simple floating window manager)
  • (Python logo) 7old (Flask vintage search engine)
  • (Python logo) SiliconWiki (Flask wiki software)

Some of them are not very professional considering that I haven't even made it to college yet (but there's not much left huh).

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